Exhaust gas boiler before Green Plus Exhaust gas boiler after Green Plus

Bering Sea Maintenance Report Summary

The Unicom tanker, Bering Sea, was extensively tested for both maintenance interval improvements and for emissions changes. The maintenance inspection, conducted by a Unicom Technical Superintendent, showed that Green Plus reduced maintenance costs and improved exhaust gas boiler efficiency due to significantly reduced soot build up. Details can be seen below.

Technical Inspection

Comments from Alan Selby, Unicom Ship Management Technical Superintendent:

"With the scavenge doors removed I was afforded an excellent close up view, and was able to confirm that the scavenge and under-piston spaces were in a comparitively clean state with little combustion residue after almost 400 running hours, certainly the best condition I have witnessed on this type of engine in normal service.

The same was true of the finned tubes of the exhaust gas boiler on which very little deposition was observed, especially compared with previous inspections. Attached to this message are photographs supporting the above findings."