Coca Cola Bottling Company (Cyprus) Test Summary

The graphs below show the details of a test performed for Coca-Cola in one of their fuel oil boilers in Cyprus. The test lasted a period of two days and the results were impressive. NOx, the major ingredient in the formation of smog was reduced by 17.58%. SO₂ the main ingredient in the formation of acid rain, was reduced by 17.58% and the boilers fuel economy was improved by 7.5%.

Coca Cola Charts

Fuel Oil - Fuel Economy Chart Fuel Oil - Acid Rain Test Chart
Fuel Oil - Smog Test Chart

Results measured in liters per minute (fuel economy) and parts per million (emissions)

Plant Boiler Fuel Economy NOx SOx
After GP Day 1 0.456 144.5 736.89
After GP Day 2 0.445 192.22 725.66
After GP Day 3 0.422 176.38 659.00
After GP Day 4 0.399 167.24 610.53
After GP Day 5 0.378 155.24 ND
Final % Improvement 9.89% 17.58% 17.15%