California Environmental Engineering Test Summary

CEE, the same CARB and EPA accepted laboratory that performed emissions testing on gasoline engines with Green Plus, recently performed emissions testing on Green Plus in a heavy-duty diesel engine. The test was performed on a CARB-certified Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine. This engine's emissions were already well below the EPA and CARB limits. The results (as demonstrated in the following graphs show an improvement of 10.64% in total hydrocarbons, a 5.09% improvement in NOX and an 8.35% improvement in Particulates when Green Plus was present.

CEE Diesel Testing Charts

Final CEE Diesel Testing in Grams per bhp/h

Baseline Average 0.0963319 6.394367 0.010853
Treated Average 0.0860820 6.068860 0.009946
Average Improvement 10.640% 5.091% 8.357%