Unicom Fuel Economy Test Results Summary

Green Plus was added to three Unicom Management tanker ships to determine a change in fuel economy. The Three vessels, Vanguard, Tromso Confidence and Petropavlovsk, had already been treated by another additive that according to Unicom had improved fuel economy by 2%. After adding Green Plus, the tankers each saw an additional boost in fuel economy which resulted in average savings over 5.45% on each of the vessels.

Unicom Fuel Economy Testing Charts

Unicom Fuel Economy Test Results

Ship Baseline with other product Treated % Change over other product % Change Total GP Effect
Tromso Confidence 6.75 7.00 3.70% 5.70%
Petropavlovsk 8.65 9.09 3.45% 5.45%
Vanguard 12.64 13.19 4.31% 6.31%