Pacific Basin Test Results Summary

Pacific Basin, now a Biofriendly customer, has been monitoring the fuel usage of their fleet since October of 2008. In that time, monitored ships have shown an average improvement of 3% in fuel economy.

The following financial benefits analysis was calculated based upon that data, on their behalf.

Fuel Savings Results
Statistic Avg. Fuel/Mile Saving Avg. Miles Avg. Tons Used Avg. Tons Saved
Per Ship/Per Day 0.002 348.89 22.366 0.65

Financial Results
Statistic Fuel Price/Ton* Gross Savings Green Plus Cost Net Savings
Per Ship/Per Day $623.00 $402.88 $104.56 $364.86

Financial Savings Using Green Plus & Return on Investment
Statistic Daily Savings Monthly Savings Yearly Savings GP Yearly Cost ROI
1 ship $364.86 $10,945.67 $133,263.55 $38,164.40 185.31%
44 ships $16,053.65 $481,609.55 $5,863,596.30 $1,679,233.60 185.31%

*Fuel Price/Ton number from

It is noteworthy that the improvement in fuel efficiency and the cost benefit calculated above show an 859% Return on Investment and a savings to this Shipping company of over $130,000 per ship per year, and over $5.5 million per year for their 44 ship fleet.